Smart Little Man

Smart instructions on making money online

Both dumb and smart people can be clueless about how to make money online. That is why we are offering free instructions on how to make a living from the internet. Learn how to make an income from the web in just 1 hour, this site will teach you a lot which you did not learn in school.

Being smart is not the same as being intelligent. High IQ will help you score points on an IQ-test, but it will not help you much in life if you are not capable of taking smart decisions.

Make money. The SmartLittleMan will help you achieve financial freedom through financial planning, tried and tested ways to make money online (and we're only teaching you the methods that really work), and finally by re-investing the profits in the smartest ways possible.

Live smart. Learn not to dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment, and happiness will find you. You must find your own path in life, but this site will show you how to succeed financially, so that you can take time out and enjoy the bigger things worth living for.

Work from home

Work from home

Are you looking for a job opportunity? Today there are dozen of work from home opportunities. Here are some optional ways to make an income that you can try right away.

Currency trading online

Online currency trading

Currency trading allows you to make money on currency fluctuations. Trading in currencies is not so different from stock trading. The difference is mainly due to foreign exchange market has a number of advantages not found in other financial markets.

Create and profit from apps

Make apps & they can make you a fortune

Do you want to make money from your iPhone or iPad? Read about someone who has made ​​millions of sag of apps and learn how to copy viral success.

Dropshipping business

Dropshipping (import/export business)

Import and sales are not just reserved for large wholesalers. Small companies, even unemployed people with no equity to start with dropshipping. There is money to be made for most.

Part-time online jobs

Part-time online jobs

Want to make money on the internet? Do not fall into the usual traps. Here are some simple suggestions you can do to make money online already!


Outsourcing: When others make money for you

Are you out of time? Outsourcing allows you to make money from work done by other people. Learn more about outsourcing here.

Make money from apps

Make money from apps

Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and other smart phones already took off a few years ago. Since then, many individuals become very rich apps. It's easier than you think to develop applications, all you need is a good idea - and so can the rest outsourced.

Stock trading

Getting rich trading stocks

It is truly possible to get rich trading stocks, just ask any wall street kid and they can give you tons of examples of people they personally know that have made a fortune in stocks. Learn to make money on stocks with this guide.

How to get rich

How to get rich

The recipe on how to get rich, make more money and accumulate wealth.

How to get rich slow

Quick lessons on how to get rich slow

Here are some practical tips on how to make money and get rich slowly.

Forex trading

Forex trading - will it make you rich or poor?

Forex trading allows you to make money quickly and easily under certain conditions.

Commodity Trading guide

Commodity Trading start guide

Guide to commodity trading for beginners to trade commodities for the first time.

Securities introduction

Securities - a short introduction

Here is a small list of different types of securities. Learn more about stocks and other securities, derivatives and related financial instruments here.

Stocks school

Introduction to stocks

When you own a stock, you own part of a company. Learn more about stocks and stock trading in this introduction.

Mobile trading

Trading stocks from your mobile phone

Today it is easy to carry out stock trading from mobile. Get a quick review of the various options.

Automated copytrading

Copy other traders automatically

The latest buzz in social trading is "copy trading": Copy the best traders in the market, and every time they make a profit, you will too.

Building wealth 101

Building wealth 101

We look at how you can increase your wealth only using money you already have.

Social trading

Social trading: The art of copying proitable traders

See what millions of other investors are trading, and copy their actions automatically by using eToro.

Forex Trading strategy

Trading forex the smart way

Currency trading is an exciting alternative to trading stocks. Learn to trade currency over the internet.

How to trade stocks

Trading School: Learn How to Trade Stocks

Starting with stocks is much easier than you might think. This is a free guide on how to trade stocks, and includes the basic of trading. Learn to trade stocks.

The value of Money

Technically it may be possible to live without cash; You could go out in the woods and live in a cave, hunt for wild animals and fish, or whatever. That however, is not the path most people choose.

Money is a tool for adding spice in your life. You can barely survive without it if you want to live in a modern society.

Spend as little time as possible making as much money as you need, and use the rest of your time on the things that truly matter: Relationships, family, knowledge, and take time out just feeling your surroundings and embrace the universe. That's what life is all about.

The SmartLittleMan website will help you find was to effectively plan your finances, invest your money where they will grow to the maximum, and make money online in smarter ways, so that you can take more time out and find your own path in life.

The SmartLittleMan will not bullshit you. Pure advice from one human being to another. Earn money on your own; as much as possible in as little time as possible, while at the same time doing it in a way that benefits the greater good. That's what this site is all about.

Dumb little man?

Any dumb little man or woman can make money online. All you need is some guidance. We will take you on an incredible journey, to wealth, prosperity and all the beautiful things the universe has to offer. Want to get rich and make money online without spending too much of your hard earned cash? Well, as it turns out, that might be really simple. We will turn you into a smart little man (oh boy, that would be hard if you happen to be a woman). If you are a woman we will make you a rich gold digger. Okay?